You can find my works published online at FASHIONmagazineTheKit and ElleCanada, and in The Kit’s Chinese edition where I’m currently the handling editor.

The reasoning behind Tse Parfait is all thanks to a friend. It is a play on my last name Tse, which is pronounced as xie in Chinese and translates to “thank you.” So in English, the “T” is essentially silent and is pronounced like “c’est” in French. As for“parfait,” I like sweets. It also conveniently translates to "it’s perfect.”

Travelling and finding a city’s best eateries is my passion, as well as documenting it all on Instagram (pics or it didn't happen, right?). I grew up with my dad’s words to embrace new styles of food because you never know what kind of cuisines you’ll fall in love with. While I do enjoy a fancy Michelin-starred restaurant once in awhile, I love having exquisite food at affordable prices even more.  I believe the best meal is when I don't have to break the piggy bank and feel guilty about the food I just devoured. So, if it means going to a-hole-in-the-wall restaurant to have the best ramen noodles in town, I would do everything to seek it out. I guess you can call me a foodie, but I am no food critic or expert in gastronomy. I just want to share the places I would recommend to my family and friends.