I Went Back to Nail Art and Found Joy

I Went Back to Nail Art and Found Joy


Manicures are the only beauty treatment I neglect. Facials? I book in eight times a year. Lash extensions? Every month. Hair? I recently spent four hours in Osaka in pursuit of the perfect digital perm without batting a (v long) eyelash. Nails, though, have long been relegated to “only on special occasions” status, when I have an upcoming vacation, a weekend of weddings or when I need extra mojo to make my day, and outfit, a little more extraordinary. 

Although I’m quite content to leave my nails bare, when I do jazz them up with nail art, they instantly lift my spirits. I love to look down and see my decked-out digits. It definitely makes typing, applying makeup and eating chicken wings that much more delightful. 

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